Fond of using Animations in Flutter but do you think it is complicated? No worries! Lottie Animation is here for your rescue.

In this article, we will see how we can use Lottie Animation in Flutter to make our app look more better and awesome!

For using Lottie Animation, we need 2 things:

  • Lottie JSON File
  • lottie flutter package

You can get free Lottie Json Files from 💙

First, download any Lottie Animation JSON File from the above link and add it to your assets folder.


In part 1, I gave a quick overview of how to use Bloc in our basic counter app. Now, it’s time for moving forward and learning a bit complex part. However, I am pretty sure you will understand it 😉
If Google made you directly land on this article and you didn’t checkout 1st part, here’s the link:

What did we learn in the 1st part? 🤔

  • What is Bloc?
  • What are Events and States?
  • How does the stream works?
  • What is BlocProvider, BlocBuilder and BlocConsumer? (Going to refresh your memory on this though 😉)

Image copyright by Flutter, Google

Missed the biggest Flutter event, Flutter Engage, of 2021? Don’t worry! I have your back. In this blog, I will list down all the key points that were announced in Flutter Engage Keynote!😍
So, grab your coffee ☕ and let’s have a ride to Flutter Engage 💙

One of the biggest announcement which was made in Flutter Engage was of Flutter 2 which is now available to upgrade!

Do you feel Bloc is tough? Me too!

Let’s make it easy then!😍

In this article, we will check out how to use Bloc in Flutter using flutter_bloc package with an example.

Package Link: flutter_bloc | Flutter Package (

Before we start bloc, there are two concepts that needs to be clear:

  • Events: Events are basically the functionalities of the app. …

Let’s see who wins this battle!

Version Control repository management services are a key component in the software development Lifecycle. In the last few years, GitHub and GitLab positioned themselves as handy assistants for developers, particularly when working in large teams.

That means when talking about the differences and similarities of GitLab vs GitHub, we need to look beyond code repositories and take a look at the entire process.

Here are few key differences and similarities between GitLab and GitHub:

Authentication Levels🔐

  • With GitLab you can set and modify people’s permissions according to their role. …

Using Flutter Packages since long?
Do you wish to contribute back?
Do you wish to publish your own package and help the community?
But don’t know how?
No worries. I have your back.
In this blog, I will get you through each and every step of how to publish your own Flutter Package on the official Flutter Website

Hey Everyone!!

So, I organized a 21 Days Challenge in this lockdown period with the help of @SiddharthDayal1 , @Tirthak_patel and @Mehdevclub

The 21 Days Challenge started from 25/03/2020 and ends at 15/04/2020

So, let me walk you all through it’s journey.

To start with, 21 Days Challenge got 70 registrations.

We had participants from all over India and the resources were provided by us.

The following programming language challenge were taken up by the participants:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java & JavaFX
  • Web technology
  • Flutter
  • Python
  • Graphics
  • Native Android

Abhishek Doshi

Flutter Developer

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