Hey Everyone!!

So, I organized a 21 Days Challenge in this lockdown period with the help of @SiddharthDayal1 , @Tirthak_patel and @Mehdevclub

The 21 Days Challenge started from 25/03/2020 and ends at 15/04/2020

So, let me walk you all through it’s journey.

To start with, 21 Days Challenge got 70 registrations.

We had participants from all over India and the resources were provided by us.

The following programming language challenge were taken up by the participants:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java & JavaFX
  • Web technology
  • Flutter
  • Python
  • Graphics
  • Native Android

At Level 1 Screening, I disqualified those participants who failed to share their repo or the drive folder details and left with 50 participants.

At Level 2 Screening, I disqualified those participants who failed to update the repo or folder even a single time and left with 30 participants.

Today, I had Level 3 Screening,many points were taken into consideration:

- How many days you were coding?

- What project you created?

- If the project isn’t completed, what were you trying to create and how much work is done?

- UI that you design for the App/Project

- Future scope of the project you created

- How many commits you did in the repo

After Level 3 Screening, we have our finalists

I want to thank everyone who have done the work and participated in this challenge. All the participants were awesome.

Here’s the list of finalist: 🌟🌟


Problems that were faced by me:

  • The main problem was to get the participants engaged with the process.
  • The first screening itself got disqualified 30 participants.
  • Next problem that I faced was how to judge. As different participants were using different technologies.
  • To keep the participants motivated was also a challenging task.

What I Learned?

  • Management
  • Many new technological aspects
  • Used github alot.
  • There are people who really want to do something.

Overall, it was fun.