Community, Open-Source & Hackathons!

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What is Community?

Some of the major communities around the world are:

  • Flutter Communities
  • GDG Communities
  • AWS Communities
  • Firebase User Groups
  • Facebook Developer Circles
  • Tensorflow User Groups
  • Women TechMakers

How you can be a part of the community?

  • Attend events. No matter what or where the event is, feel free to join them. You will get to know many people!
  • Communicate with people and know their journey. Especially with the Organizers of the Community. Network, network and network!!!
  • Share your voice and opinions. Just sitting in the event and gaining knowledge is not beneficial. You should share your perspective too.

Benefits of Community!

  • Your knowledge will increase by 2x
  • You will get to meet lots of people who might be leaders in your tech.
  • You get many freebies and can start your own community! 😉


What is Open-Source?

So, Why to contribute Open-Source?

Tips & Tricks to start with Open-Source:

  • Start with small contributions.
  • No matter what project it is, keep it public and open-source
  • Be perfect working with GIT because that will save your life!


What is Hackathon?

How can you participate and win a hackathon?

  • First of all, you need to create a team of 4–5 people and search for a hackathon and register in it.
  • Then select a problem that society faces.
  • Do the pre-requisite and complete research on the problem and how you will solve it.
  • Solve the problem in the given time frame and create a presentation to pitch your idea. The presentation should contain all information including Business Plan to your demo video. The presentation becomes a key factor for winning the hackathon.

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- Abhishek Doshi




Google Developer Expert — Dart, Flutter & Firebase 💙💛

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Abhishek Doshi

Abhishek Doshi

Google Developer Expert — Dart, Flutter & Firebase 💙💛

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