File Structure in Flutter!

  • Clean and easy to understand
  • Independent of other functionalities
  • Scalable

Satisfaction to point 1: Clean and easy to understand

This folder structure as you can see is pretty clean and easy to understand as it doesn’t have much complexity. So even a beginner can view the code structure easily. Also, such easy project structure help us to trace the bug quickly and solve them.

Satisfaction to point 2: Independent of other functionalities

As you can see, each functionality has it’s own folder and hence they are totally independent of each other.

Satisfaction to point 3: Scalable

Let’s say now you wish to add any other functionality in our chat app, for example, you wish to have now a list of chats or a list of all the contacts of your friends, so you can simply create a new folder named chat_list or contact_list and create the same folder structure. Hence, you can say this project structure is scalable as adding new feature doesn’t require you to change the existing functionality files.

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Abhishek Doshi

Abhishek Doshi


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